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Presented the Opera Season 2015

Donizetti Opera - Repertorio - MiscellaneaThe Season 2015 of the Foundation Donizetti is "Donizetti Revolution". A rich program includes Donizetti, the repertory and a mix of innovative projects for Expo from May to December. In one word DoReMix. Full information on http://www.donizetti.org/do-re-mix/ (Italian language)

Donizetti Pride For Expo

Donizetti Pride For ExpoOne of the most important initiatives that the Municipality of Bergamo and the Foundation Donizetti launch for the universal exposition of Expo Milan 2015; the exposition will officially start 1st May 2015. Full information on http://www.donizetti.org/fd/for-expo/ (Italian language)

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for Donizetti Theatre

Certificate of Excellence Donizetti Theatre and Social Theatre of Bergamo have been ennobled of the Certificate of Excellence TripAdvisor 2015.

Certificate of Excellence for Donizetti Theatre

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Conducted Tours

Conducted tours

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Donizetti Pride For Expo

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