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Bergamo Jazz 2015

Press release of Bergamo Jazz 2015. Stage Management of Enrico Rava.

Edition number 37: concerts with international artists, film showing, didactic initiatives.
"Bergamo Jazz" starts from 15th to 22nd March, with the Stage Management of the most famous of the italian jazz players, Enrico Rava.
In 2015 "Bergamo Jazz" will be also a benchmark for all people who want to know a music closely. This music always offers the exciting oppurtunities of listening, of cultural improvement in its various expressive implications.

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The House of Arts 2014/2015 at Teatro Sociale

  • Acrometria 20th December 2014
  • Frankenstein Kabarett 4th January 2015
  • Al Cubo 10th January 2015
  • Giselle 28th March 2015
  • Romeo y Giulieta Tango 7th June 2015
  • Tiravol 19th June 2015
  • Bolero/Carmen 21st June 2015 
  • Sakura Blues 26th June 2015
  • Electricity 30th June 2015
  • Augmented Pinocchio 18th April 2015 
  • Nerd Cabaret 13th June 2015

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Operetta 2014/2015 at Teatro Donizetti

  • Te’ per due (Tea for two) (No, No, Nanette) from 31st December 2014 to 1st January 2015
  • Frasquita 25th January 2015
  • Il Paese del Sorriso (The Land of the Smile) 8th March 2015

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The 9th Bergamo Musica Festival Revelations

The next edition of the most prestigious event in the world dedicated to the composer from Borgo Canale is about to start.

Three Donizetti’s works are on offer. The Festival is going back to its roots by putting on the well known Lucia di Lammermoor again. In 2006 the performance met with the critics’ and audience’s favour not only in Bergamo but also in Italy and in the world. The playbill includes also the very rare Betly and Torquato Tasso that only the Bergamo Musica Festival has in its programme for the next couple of years. Full information on http://www.bergamomusicafestival.it

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Conducted Tours

Conducted tours

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Bergamo Jazz 2015

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